In this digital age, we gather a lot of things in our smartphones, laptop and other gadgets we hold. My sister gave me a 1 TB external hard drive and already put in pictures for storage. It felt nice to be able to sort the pictures for there were too many to organize. I recently got the chance to empty the SD cards from our old cameras when we received word that we have a buyer for the cameras.

I finalized the contents of the memory cards and reformatted them. I still have so many pictures to sort and somehow I’m reluctant to delete them from my laptop.

It’s easy to build up digital clutter. Usually, we’re too busy studying, working, and just too enthusiastic in snapping our point-and-shoot cameras or our DSLRs that we accumulate many pictures. Later on, we realize that we have too much files that consume the memory space of our laptops, too many music, pictures, documents, movies that it is time to sort. I keep telling myself that I will use those files later on in my writing, listen to the songs when I have the time, but they just pile up one after the other. The advancement of technology has made things easier and thus clutter sets in easily. I have word documents scattered on the desktop while some I have tucked into a folder within a folder.

Take for example this laptop I’m using right now, my sister gave me her old one when she bought a new one. She emptied the memory of this laptop and now I only have 24 GB free out of 141 GB. It is easy to fill up the laptop with files, some 140 KB, 250MB or 1.5GB. I realize that my pictures accumulate the bulk of the files because they have higher resolutions now whether it’s my phone camera or from the DSLR.

Also, while writing the drafts, sorting them into file names, we accumulate many documents that is paperless yet would turn up to be quite difficult to organize sometimes because something new always comes up. At first I would try to sort files of the same themes to share the same document but always end up mixing other themes or genres as the file reaches 50-100 pages as I go along. Digital clutter might be harder to sort, yes I could always hit the delete button and send the files to the recycle bin or accidentally risk losing the files, but I would be reluctant to throw them to the recycle bin and hit the empty recycle bin button. To be more organized, I should use the folders sparingly, and probably employ some program organizers that could help finding and sorting the files easier.

Here’s to more files to manage!