We visited Victoria’s Peak not for the wax museum but for the sunset view. We have been to The Peak before and have entered the Madame Tussauds, and we even skipped taking the Peak Tram this time. The talent of the bus drivers here is superb.

Imagine two buses taking a turn from the opposite direction and you’d feel as if they’d almost collided. The roads are quite steep, with a lot of curves as we’re going up the mountain. It is amazing how there are bus stops in the middle of the mountains. On the way up the mountain, you’d be able to spot the high-rise buildings of Hong Kong. You’d be able to identify some of them when you reach the peak galleria. The weather then was pretty cool, a big contrast from the hot temperature we have experienced at Stanley. Also, we chose to go just in time for the sunset.

sunset 太陽下山 IMG_2390 IMG_2401 IMG_2418 the colors of nature

There were people there observing the sunset, waiting for the city lights to open, both foreigners and locals alike. Almost everyone has a camera or phone camera on hand, taking snapshots of the view. It is indeed a breathtaking sight to see the island of Hong Kong light up. The breeze is cool and you could just imagine how many people are confined in those buildings at the same time you are looking over the city. We are so minute in this big big world.

City lights

We rode the taxi to the city which took just about 7 minutes since they take different routes, as opposed to how we came up here.

We planned to take out char siu rice meal to the hotel and just eat it there. Our wish was fulfilled, each one of us finished an order of this 叉烧肉, which is one of our favorites in Hong Kong. It’s been days since my niece wanted to order this, but mostly they start serving this at around 11am onwards. These were really tasty char siu.

Asado Rice