Hong Kong is one place we have been to several times but there seems to be something new to find everytime. For some, it is a haven for shopping and good eats, but for us explorers, it would be to discover areas we haven’t been to before.

My cousin wants this trip to be away from shopping malls which is what typically people go for when visiting Hong Kong. So first off we took a walk at the harbor area towards the avenue of stars. This walk might be the usual route we have taken before, but somehow the good weather and having a different perspective has guided us to see something unusual this time. It was a long walk and we reached the other side of the avenue where there’s a park one can walk about.

IMG_1802IMG_1758 IMG_1734 IMG_1773IMG_1748  IMG_1771  the avenue of stars

This time we rode the bus to Stanley. None of us have been to Stanley before but this was a place that my sister’s friend recommended. If you want a laid back travel, a scenic view, then Stanley is the place to go. On the bus ride, you’d already be able to start seeing what Hong Kong is about.

The view at Stanley was captivating which was what caught our attention. You don’t need an entrance fee to visit the place, just bring your camera with you and begin exploring the majestic view.

IMG_1985 IMG_1924 IMG_1926 IMG_1950 IMG_1955 IMG_1962

Stanley also offers a mini market, some stalls for eats, and you can visit Stanley Plaza that has establishments and a few more shops. We took shelter here and found a Chinese cuisine for lunch. There is an area where one can write their wishes in colorful quotation pads and tie it there. Some people wished for world peace, some had personal wishes. While finding a place to eat, we saw a dogaroo pet hotel and saw big dogs being groomed there. They were very still and well-trained.

IMG_2041  IMG_2099IMG_2075 IMG_2086


At Stanley, you will be able to explore the Murray House which was moved from Central to the south of Hong Kong Island. It’s structure is interesting, a Victorian-era architecture that was built back in 1844. The building was moved and restored during the 2000s.

IMG_2127IMG_2063IMG_2122  IMG_2138 IMG_2174 IMG_2172IMG_2158IMG_2194  IMG_2189IMG_2110

Stanley is a nice spot to walk about. In the afternoon, you’d see kids come by in flocks with their parents or guardians once the schools nearby are dismissed. We stopped at McDonald’s to grab some cold drink to cool down before we head back to the city.


We briefly stopped by Repulse Bay on the way back. It’s a nice beach where some tourists that stay just across it come down to take a dip.

20140901_155026 20140901_154953 20140901_15505220140901_155017

And yes, we did got burned by exposure to the sun. When I went home, our mom was repeatedly stressing that I became darker. I already felt it on the way back from Stanley, the heat of the sun on my skin, but for the sake of taking photographs, we did not mind much while at it. A friend once told me that to be able to take really that beautiful photographs, it means that the weather is very hot and sunny. It is true, as I review the photographs, it did capture those vivid images, great lighting and natural colors that our eyes had witnessed. The best thing about this trip is that you could simply take in the view and feel content with this out of the ordinary travel and you didn’t even have to pay any entrance fees. These are great places to wander about, to just relax, take a walk, be away from the city life and reflect about the wonders of nature.