interweaving the strands


October 2014

Digital Clutter

In this digital age, we gather a lot of things in our smartphones, laptop and other gadgets we hold. My sister gave me a 1 TB external hard drive and already put in pictures for storage. It felt nice to be able to sort the pictures for there were too many to organize. I recently got the chance to empty the SD cards from our old cameras when we received word that we have a buyer for the cameras. Continue reading “Digital Clutter”


Sunset at Victoria Peak

We visited Victoria’s Peak not for the wax museum but for the sunset view. We have been to The Peak before and have entered the Madame Tussauds, and we even skipped taking the Peak Tram this time. The talent of the bus drivers here is superb. Continue reading “Sunset at Victoria Peak”

A Different Side of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one place we have been to several times but there seems to be something new to find everytime. For some, it is a haven for shopping and good eats, but for us explorers, it would be to discover areas we haven’t been to before. Continue reading “A Different Side of Hong Kong”

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