1. Someone else will pick it up
  2. Expectation that no one will call you
  3. Usually it’s not for you and you have to call that person to answer
  4. A stranger might call
  5. It’s the bank asking you to get some loans
  6. Someone will sell you products
  7. It’s a relative you don’t want to check-up on you
  8. You would be asked questions as if you know all the answers
  9. You will be the one questioned about everything
  10. You’re too near but could wait for someone else to get it
  11. You’re avoiding someone
  12. You don’t like talking over the phone
  13. You don’t like to talk to the person who is calling
  14. Because the caller appears “unknown”
  15. You don’t want to talk right now
  16. Someone snooping around or tracking your calls
  17. There’s someone with you who would badger you who the caller is
  18. You don’t want to be the secretary
  19. You don’t want to be disturbed (either busy working or watching)
  20. You’re away from the phone
  21. Not answering might make the caller give up (or try again later)
  22. You’re hands are messy or sticky
  23. You’re asleep
  24. You were awaken by the phone call
  25. Too lazy to get up
  26. You’re annoyed by the ringing (but still not answering it)
  27. You’re in a bad mood and don’t want to drag somebody else into the bad weather
  28. It might be a prank call
  29. It might be bad news
  30. You’d be asked to do something (especially if it’s a relative)
  31. They will hang up on you (yes, the nerve, they call you and they hang up on you)
  32. It’s your debt collector
  33. The caller assumes they know it all and you’ll end up being scolded
  34. The caller calls you, obviously they couldn’t see who’s in the house; for some reason he feel that you are lying to him that the person he’s looking for isn’t home.
  35. It’s the Nth time you had answered the phone (or you worked at the call center).