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May 2014

35 Reasons you don’t always pick up the phone:


  1. Someone else will pick it up
  2. Expectation that no one will call you
  3. Usually it’s not for you and you have to call that person to answer
  4. A stranger might call
  5. It’s the bank asking you to get some loans
  6. Someone will sell you products
  7. It’s a relative you don’t want to check-up on you
  8. Continue reading “35 Reasons you don’t always pick up the phone:”


Translation Notes

In the process of translation, I discovered many texts that is difficult to translate in our language. There were too technical terms that simply has no counterpart yet in our own. Then I’d realize how little I know about the different fields and genre, of how we apply them in our culture and context. I tried searching on the web about the terminologies, if there are existing or official translations for the Bible, countries, economics, scientific terms, even political and international studies, and was able to find only a few. Continue reading “Translation Notes”


My sister remembered how it was like back when mobile phones are still uncommon that we rely on pagers to transmit messages. We use the pagers or BB call to leave messages for the people we want to call. The apartment house where we used to live is very near the apartment where we go to everyday after school. We study there till 8-9m. Continue reading “Communication”

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