Find your anchor!” My nephew told his sister when she felt pain on her fingers after chopping lots of garlic in our preparation for our hotpot lunch at their house. We recognized this line, because we all watched Teen Wolf, where it has been a technique used to help them take control of changing.

This is a positive advice from my nephew and how he used it in that situation really inspired me. At times, I get to remember “Find your anchor” when things are getting tough and struggling in much pain whether it’s physical or mental. I hang on that thought and find a happy thought that could steer the dark clouds away.

It is true that if we found our anchor in the One above, there’s nothing much left to worry about, but being human makes us worry a lot. We fret for the things that don’t really need much of our attention and thus stressing ourselves. We have to find that peace in our hearts where we can safely build a sturdy anchor as to not falter and break down.

Mental stress eats our energies and confidence away. We need someone to talk to and someone to listen because if not we might implode. It helps if we have a support group that can relate to us and have similar experiences. We can develop different anchors such as putting our faith in God and relying on His strength that never fails. We have family and friends who understand what we are going through and thus become our stronghold in the process. There are hobbies or skills that we can harness where we can put our attention to such as building puzzles, taking photographs or cooking.

Remember the trips we’ve been to, childhood memories, the simple joys that made us smile,
that splendid view, the vibrant flower, the sound of nature, of still waters and birds chirping,
of the food places and many café we visited, the panoramic views and touring
of the conversations we had with relatives, friends and mentors, of the shared experiences,
of the good music, wonderful musicians that the world has to offer,
of great authors and book that we can read,
of great dishes we have yet to explore and try out,
of the hardworking people that is definitely inspiring,
of the accomplishments of others and ourselves
of the concern that people around us give
of the mere fact of breathing in this fertile earth.

It’s our multiple anchors that keeps us going.