I stand corrected. The story of the hoarder actually begins with the really nice plastic spoon you used to eat an order of yoghurt. It looks so cute that it would be wrapped with napkin paper and washed once she gets home. You’d see their eyes twinkle at the sight of the spoon and you would know that it is going home with you. It could be used again, they would reason. Sooner or later, you’d find stacks of spoons at the corner of the drawers, or put inside the cabinets that rarely gets opened and they have been just collecting dusts. The spaces are filled with collected spoons that might be put to good use someday, the key word being “someday.”

that cute spoon(s)

There are urges to keep these little plastic spoons and cups for future use. Somehow it does help the environment reduce the waste that’s being thrown on the garbage dump but your house seems to be the next big trash bin. There are empty coffee cups that pile up, soda cans, boxes and containers, plastic bags and paper bags, that souvenir you got from attending a wedding or a birthday party. In addition to these, collecting hotel things like shampoo, soaps, packs of coffee and tea, facial tissues (even tissue rolls!), all that you can take that comes free with the hotel accommodation. Yes, these are very much useful if you know how to make use of them; but if left just anywhere in the house would mean clutter. And I’d say it would be more effective if these things are categorized and put together instead of scattered wherever they would fit.

So it seems that it runs in the family, being thrifty or stingy if you want to put in on an extreme level because it could really go that far. The houses are filled with scraps, fliers, old and rusty appliances, the things that you don’t want to throw out. Saving the things just occupy the remaining space we have. Every single time you schedule a general cleaning, you’d notice many useless clutter but still manage to keep them in the end. There seems to be a fear of order thus succumbing to chaos. Out of the chaos, stress is generated in trying to look for the things you’re searching for several times and feeling frustrated for not finding it.

We watched this clip from South Park about hoarding:


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